We asked customers to choose features they consider important when purchasing clothes, shoes or accessories online - here is an overview of the 6 most popular answers.

"Which of the following do you consider important when purchasing clothes, shoes or fashion accessories on Internet? Please choose from 3 to 5 answers."

Visual search


Table of recommended sizes

Wishlist and discount notification

Search by saved favorite brands

Inspiration for completing outfit

Similar products offer

Product videos

Search by material

Mobile application

Articles about fashion trends

Filter for sustainable products

Chat bot with a shop



Reviews are on top of most needed features - people trust each other way more than ads. Big shops like Alibaba and Amazon already have a possibility to leave a review after purchase for a long time, other fashion retailers - like Zalando - just recently implemented it. We at GLAMI also decided to bring them to our users to provide the best conditions for fashion shopping.

"Do you read reviews when shopping for fashion?"

People are writing positive reviews much more often than negative

"Would you say that in the last three months the reviews you’ve given were:"

51% Mostly positive

30% I haven't written any in the last three months

11% Positive and negative were approximately equal

6% I do not know, hard to say

2% Mostly negative

Turkish users like to write reviews the most


Only 10% of our customers in Turkey didn't write any reviews in a last 3 months 

Visual search


Visual search, which is search based on images rather than text, is the winner of desired features for online fashion shopping.


We spend more and more time on our smartphones with great cameras. It should come as no surprise that the opportunity to use a photo and get results right away is very exciting. The painful process of researching the brand and understanding the name of the cut of the particular item is becoming a thing of the past as companies keep investing in visual search mechanisms. The number of queries run through this interface will only increase because the conversion rate is much higher in comparison to other search methods.


Along with tech giants like Amazon, Alibaba and ASOS, GLAMI also have already implemented such a feature for their customers in majority of our markets - right now only on mobile devises. 

Visual search on



of recommended sizes

The biggest fear of online fashion shopping is that the product will not fit. Such a simple feature as a table of recommended sizes can really make the choice easier.


There are a couple of ways to help customers with size choice even more effectively. Shops ask additional questions about measurements, type of figure and what fit people like - close fit or oversized. 


But there is a problem -  some people don’t know their measurements or cannot measure themselves well. Retailers found a solution: they compare their clothing sizes with sizes of famous brands, let’s say Nike for shoes and Levi's for jeans. This way customers can choose the right size by looking at the size of already bought item that suits them well. This technology is used, for example, by virtual fitting solution Virtusize, which is implemented by British retailer ASOS.

Search based on favorite brands, saved in the account 

Every year more e-shops appear. Right now customers are getting overwhelmed by the wide choice so they appreciate when they can filter out their favorite brands, which are saved in their accounts on permanent basis. This is especially true if we are talking about retailers with a vast variety of brands.


This feature is implemented quite well in European second-hand project Vinted - you can also exclude from search results the brands which you don’t want to see. We also found such an opportunity on the web of the fashion retailer Answear, operating in Central and Eastern Europe. 



Wishlist and discount notification

In the modern world we are trying to organize all online activities, including shopping. At the same time we live in the era of sales and discounts all year round, so customers don’t like to buy non-discounted items. That's why wishlist with discount notifications is so in demand - it allows to customize your choice while tracking sales.


While wishlist is implemented in many e-shops, notifications are not usually a part of it. We have found it on Zalando - every time the item in your wishlist is discounted, you get a notification by email. GLAMI has it in mobile application so user can track all sales in one place.

Wishlist on

"Get the look" feature on About You



for completing outfit

Fashion inspiration topic is as old as fashion. Did you ever find yourself in a situation where you have bought nice clothes,  but when you wear them you see that they don’t really go together? 


Not a lot of people can come up with a perfect outfit or just simply enjoy spending time on it. That's why customers find it useful to have a possibility to buy the set of clothes if they can see how they look together in advance. And shops are ready to provide it - you can see the whole outfit on a street style model and understand how these clothes go together. You can try it, for example, on About You.

«For what reason you are usually visiting fashion e-shops? Please fill in the percentage for every option.

56%  of time I'm searching for something specific

44%  of time I'm searching for inspiration»

Majority prefer collections united by one topic rather then reading the articles.

"What source of inspiration is the most important for you on webs of fashion e-shops? Please choose only one."

Average percentage across all countries

Trends selection on Asos

Fashion search engine

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